Barombong Maritime Polytechnic

Internasional Conference

Keynote Speaker

Djoko Sasono

Kepala Badan Pengembangan SDM Perhubungan

Conference Welcome

Capt. Mochamad Abduh, M.M.Tr

Director of Barombong Maritime Polytechnic

Plenary Speaker

Narasumber 1

Narasumber 2

Narasumber 3

Narasumber 4

Narasumber 5


1. Maritime Education and Training 

2. Evolution of Automation And Digitalization in Maritime

3. Methodologies and Research in Maritime 

4. Transportation Vocational Education and Training

5. Seafaring Welfare

6. Developments of Technology in Ship Operations 

7. Port and Shipping Management

8. Ship Safety and Pollution

9. Seafarer Supply and Demand

10. Language Learning and Technology in Maritime

11. Logistic and Shipping

12. Other related areas

Presentation Types

Paper Submission

Abstract Submission

10 Apr - 31 May 2023

Abstract Notification of Paper Acceptance

11 Apr - 2 June 2023

Submission of Camera Ready Paper

2 June - 19 June 2023

More Information

Sarce : 085242866575

Asang : 082189619004

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Publication :  International Conference Proceeding AIP Publishing Indeced by Scopus, GS, ISBN.

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